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A Dream  

Beyond Imagination.


We solve problems for you,

so you always get the best possible deal on vehicles that

fit your needs, your budget

and your goals.

Mountains Meet Lake
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"If you're looking for easy no hassle car buying, call the Truckee Auto Mall"

" After searching for a second car after ours was run ragged. we shopped around and looked at many dealerships. It was painstaking and time-consuming. Once I connected with the Truckee Auto Mall, we knew we were in great hands. He will get you the best price and make a usually painful process seem too easy. We are very happy with the purchase and will not go through this process again without working with the Truckee Auto Mall. Do yourself a favor and skip the haggling and just call them today!"

Mike and Sami - Truckee

Stephanie M. - May 2019


The Truckee Auto Mall saved me several thousand dollars!

"I was so tired of dealing with the traditional car sales dealership experience and spending hours going back and forth on a final price,  so I decided to try out Truckee Auto Mall. From the great customer service to the huge time savings, I was very happy with the entire experience. They took care of all the time consuming work, finding the perfect vehicle with all the features I requested, processed all DMV paperwork, saved me several thousand dollars, and best of all I didn't have to sit and wait for hours haggling about the price and waiting to finally drive my car off the lot. The car arrived, I signed on the dotted lines, and I drove my car home. They even took care of selling my old car for me. I cannot recommend the Truckee Auto Mall enough. I will never buy direct from a dealer again. They completely transformed the car purchasing or leasing experience from exhausting to exciting and easy. 

Stephanie M. 

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